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The Leader in Bed Hardware

Here at LMC Hardware, we know metal. Louis Choj founded LMC Hardware in 1989. Louis came up with the very first bed hardware design with lag bolts for mounting. He had the vision of making bed hardware that was better than other options in strength and longevity, as well as simplicity when it came to installation. Louis is also the first person to use a cast product for table legs, giving it an old fashion and unique look. You can rest assured that from custom designed and built table legs, to revolutionary bed hardware won't break or come apart, we've got you covered. At LMC Hardware, we ensure the utmost thought and testing has gone into every single product.  You can also rest assured that we use only the best materials. Quality and longevity of our products are first and foremost from start to finish. Of course, we also make sure that all our products are absolutely beautiful and will make quite an impression! We have a new management team who carries on Louis' dedication to quality and craftsmanship. We look forward to continuing his tradition of casting the best bed hardware on the market!

Advantages of Custom Bed Hardware by LMC Hardware

User Friendly

Easy To Install

Designed to Last the Lifetime of the Bed

The Bed Hardware of the Future


Keeps the Bed From Shaking

Innovative Design

Surpasses all Bed Hardware in Strength

Made of Top Grade High-Tensile Aluminum

Only Bed Hardware Manufacturer in the US to Provide This Quality Product

Keeps the Mattress Firmly In Place for a Better Night Sleep



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